Can I spay/neuter my rat? Should I? How much does it cost?

Sure! There are plenty of benefits to spaying a female and neutering a male. First, it renders one of them sterile, which allows them to live together peacefully without producing offspring. Also, spaying drastically reduces the incidence of mammary and pituitary tumors in females, in addition to completely eliminated the chance of cancer or infection of the ovaries, uterus, and cervix. Neutering a male can decrease urine-marking behavior, decrease the amount of oil and scent produced by the skin, and decreases the chance of kidney degeneration and prostate disease. It also completely eliminates the chance of cancer or other diseases of the testes. Neutering is also extremely helpful if you’re trying to get two aggressive males to live together, as it definitely makes them less territorial. Prices range depending on your area, so contact your local vet.

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