How can I train my rats to use a litter box?

Unfortunately, rats are a BIT more difficult to potty train than cats. In fact, I would venture to say that not all rats CAN be potty trained. The first thing to do is introduce them to a litter pan in their cage. Clean out your cage of all existing litter. You can either leave the bottom of their cage bare or lay down some towels. Then place a litter pan in the corner of their cage–there are special litter pans sold specifically for corners, which are advertised for ferrets. Rats tend to like to use the restroom in a corner so they can back in. Then fill the pan with litter, some fresh and some soiled, so they get the idea. If they have accidents in the cage, clean it up and move the feces to the pan. Rats are pretty intelligent and eventually should catch on. If you’ve got a multi-level cage, it’s best to have a tray on each level, because you don’t want to make it too hard!
Like humans, weight has a big impact on a rat’s health. I would suggest looking at the way you feed him, and try and regulate it a little better. Do you give him a lot of treats? Do you leave his food in his cage so he can eat as much as he wants? Also, he doesn’t need to have a wheel or an exercise ball to get exercise. How often do you take him out of his cage? Good luck!

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  1. 1 Jasmine

    I do not have a small litter pan available to me. And my rats don’t have a special ‘potty’ place so I chose one for them. It seems like I am always moving their poos to the special corner and they don’t seem to be getting the idea. I use wood shavings as their bedding and put paper towel shreds in their potty corner. But they take the paper towel shreds to use as bedding even though I provide them with strips of cloth for their bedding. Am I doing anything wrong? How can I make it easier on them???

  2. 2 Parisa

    The first thing you need to do is notice where they poop the most. This may take sometime, because rats may switch spots up, but you should find it in less than a week. Now, clean out the whole cage, but find a little bit of bedding that has been pooped on. Save that. Replace the cage with fresh bedding, and put the old poop in the spot you want them to go in or where they normally go in. Since it smells like them, they’ll like it. Now, if you ever catch them pottying somewhere else, pick them up, and say no firmly. Put them in the spot. If they poo, give them a treat. Now, this is the last step. One a week, when you clean the cage, find the extra poo, and put it in their spot.
    I really hope I helped you.

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