Why is my rat sneezing?

There are a couple of possible causes. Generally, sneezing is a sign of a respiratory infection, like Mycoplasma. For more information about myco, see the “Problems” section of Fat Rat Central. In some cases, however, your rat may have an allergy to something in his or her cage. Is your bedding or litter dusty? If so, change to a different brand (such as CareFRESH) and see if the sneezing improves.

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  1. 1 Ashley

    I just got two female rats, cage, bedding, and all, and after I got everything set up they went around sniffing everything and they are sneezing a lot. They were not sneezing at the store (I stayed quite a while to watch them and make sure that nothing was wrong). Is it just the new environment? I am using one of those CareFresh packages. Should I change the bedding?

    Thanks, and great website!

  2. 2 Aja


    It is most likely the bedding, if they were not sneezing originally.

    CareFresh and CritterCare are two main brands in which, people use for their animals, from Rabbits to Rats. However, it is a bit dusty and since both Rats and Rabbits have very sensitive noses, their respiratory/sinus track can be bothered quite easily. Some are fine and others have allergies to them.

    Sometimes, if the rats are young babies, they sneeze a lot but tend to grow out of it, as their immune systems and bodies acclimate to their new climates/environments.

    However, a suggested litter, that is DUST FREE, is ECO Bedding for Birds and Small animals. It is much easier on their systems, since there is no dust. It is a paper based product, just like CritterCare and CareFresh are and is non-toxic.

    Also, shredded brown paper bags make for wonderful litter if you have access to them, regularly. If there is a store logo on the front, just cut that out, before use–any parts with ink should be removed before hand. Ink can harm your little friends.

    Good luck and I hope your little darlings get some relief.


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