Why do rats grind their teeth?

Rats grind their teeth for two reasons:

First, a rat’s teeth never stop growing; they keep the length under control by constantly grinding their teeth and gnawing on hard objects (this is why your rat may keep you awake at night chewing on the bars of his cage).  Second, rats often grind their teeth when they’re happy!  It’s called “bruxing.”  You may also notice their eyes bugging out while they do this…it’s called “eye boggling,” and if you’d like to see a video of this phenomenon, click here!

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  1. 1 Marina

    the reason your rat is grinding it’s teeth is because, a rats teeth can keep growing and growing theres no end to it. So, what I reccomend is a teething hut… we got one for my rats and basically what it is is a small hut that smells like cinnamon and you just put in thier cage and they teeth on it.

  2. 2 Jade

    I REALLY WANT RATS!!! My mom said I could get guinea pigs but now says she’s allergic. So I am going to ask her for rats and she did say I could get something small! Rats aren’t too small though so that’s good!

  3. 3 jayakumar

    i just want to know if the rat teeth grows will rat die

  4. 4 Kori:3

    If the rats teeth grow too big they will die

  5. 5 Emily L-C

    Kori:3 – rat shouldn’t die of the over grown teeth, its the secondary infection that would.

    Jayakumar – When a rat die’s its teeth do not continiue to grown. As all the cells in the rats body that are used for teeth growth are dead.

    Rats teeth will grow 5inch’s a yeah, so grinding and keeping them down is essential.

    Jade – Rats can sometimes be a similer size to a guinea pig. Rats (including tail’s) are longer, weigh less but are more active – does depend on the gender though. but rats (my opinion) are just small dogs in a rodent suit. They are very inteligent. Some rat breeds are hypoallergenic. But please get you rat from a breeder.

    Pet shops are not the way forward.


    my rat gave birth any sugestions

  7. 7 Hayley

    Rats will brux when they’re angry or scared as well(and somewhat more loudly compared to happy-bruxing ime), it can be likened to cats purring.

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