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Hi everyone!  For some reason I am having a problem with the way the site looks right now.  I’m working on fixing it, but for right now things don’t look very pretty!  All the links still work, so you shouldn’t have a problem navigating the site.  Thanks for your patience, and I’m sorry!

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  1. 1 aliceson hunt

    hey i was just wondering if theres any way to speed up the process of making my rat gain weight? or if i should just keep trying to over feed him, and what should i feed him

  2. 2 Jorge

    why would you want ‘em fat? best way is fatty foods, obviously, try small amounts of doughnuts, keep it’s same diet. give the doughnut as a snack.

  3. 3 Liv

    Yeah um…why do you want a fat rat? He certantly would be slower.

  4. 4 Marina

    Actually It is your rat so I think if you want it to gain feed it protein but not so much friut

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